Why More Women Should Become Shark Divers | Guadalupe Island

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Why More Women Should Become Shark Divers | Guadalupe Island

Were you thrilled by Blue Planet 2 this year? Are you the only one on your block who hosts annual Shark Week parties? Do you love learning and watching interesting animal behaviours? Underwater you can experience it all for yourself at Guadalupe Island this year, home to the largest white shark population on the planet earth with women lead, and women inspired shark diving adventures!

Women Shark Divers at Guadalupe Island

You don’t have to be dive certified to cage diving with great white sharks. Many non-divers are nervous before learning to cage dive, but America’s Shark Boat has designed programs since 2000 to get you safely into the world of white sharks. At Guadalupe Island you will start by learning basic skills to keep you safe and comfortable. You’ll also learn cage diving theory so you understand what is going on around you. Only when you have completed these components, at your own pace, will you go into our purpose built surface shark cages. It’s a very gradual transition which will only be made when you and our dive operations staff are confident in your abilities. You don’t have to be a jock or adrenaline junkie to start shark cage diving. If you love the ocean, there’s no greater thrill than getting close to stunning wildlife (like great white sharks!). Cage diving with sharks is no longer a boys club and, single ladies, you don’t have to know a bunch of women scuba divers or have a bubble blowing boyfriend to start.

Guadalupe Island liveaboard options for women

Women are smashing down the doors to participate in action sports like shark cage diving. They are challenging the masculine tradition and creating new opportunities in the shark diving space. While shark cage diving may seem like a different beast from traditional action sports, America’s Shark Boat welcomes inroads made in all male dominated sport arenas, change is happening in our sport and we welcome it!.

For the best Guadalupe liveaboard option choose America’s Shark Boat. Our staff have been running operations at Guadalupe the longest, and we cater to shark diving women from around the world. Your adventure is our adventure and we’ll do what it takes to ensure your next cage diving adventure is safe, well informed, and exciting! Let’s dive!