White Shark Cage Diving in Guadalupe | Guadalupe Island Trip Details

guadalupe island shark cage diving

White Shark Cage Diving in Guadalupe | Guadalupe Island Trip Details

Cage diving at Guadalupe island has become the go to location for bucket list white shark diving, film, and underwater shark photography on the planet. Isla de Guadalupe, Mexico is located 210 miles west of San Diego, Ca. Book your cage diver adventure today!

What Makes Guadalupe The Best Location For White Shark Cage Diving?

Since 2000, when we first discovered Guadalupe, this unique volcanic island has become the preferred shoot location by wildlife photographers and shark videographers from all around the world with shark cage visibility is above 100’ feet on most days and the water temperature averages between 65F-75F.

Cage diving at Guadalupe island with great white sharks is an exciting adventure for everyone, from certified shark divers to non divers, no diving certification is required to cage dive with us. Your cage diving trip to Guadalupe island on board America’s Shark Boat is the perfect 5 day getaway, book your shark cage diving adventure at Guadalupe island this year and discover why Guadalupe is by far the best dive site in the world for shark diving!

Guadalupe Island BEST Dates for White Shark Cage Diving 

The best dates to book for Guadalupe shark cage diving are from August through November. The most sharks are at the island from Aug through early October with the giant females arrival from Oct through December. All of our Guadalupe shark diving trips are 4 nights/5 days with 3 full days of white shark cage diving at white shark heaven!

Your White Shark Cage Diving Adventure Trip Details

Our shark divers join us in San Diego on our vessel (no bussing into Mexico ever) on day one at 9pm and we depart shortly after directly to the island. From there it’s an eighteen-hour crossing putting us at the island early morning of day 2. Get ready to cage dive as we start shark diving operations immediately, day 2, 3 and 4 are spent cage diving with great whites.

At the end of day 4 we wrap up and start our trip back to San Diego, Ca arriving by 3-5pm on day 5 just in time to catch a red eye if you need to. America’s Shark Boat offers all inclusive upfront pricing (no extra bills, no backend surprises) and guaranteed shark encounters or….you get a free trip back! Book today!