Where To See Great White Sharks in the Wild | World Cage Diving

Guadalupe Island shark cage diving

Where To See Great White Sharks in the Wild | World Cage Diving

With the exciting white shark news about Instagram-famous Deep Blue, great white sharks and where to dive with them is on everyone’s bucket list these days. The average white shark you can cage dive with is about 15 feet long Deep Blue, who we named in 2009 at Guadalupe island, made headlines in Hawaii earlier this year as she measures in at a whopping 20 + feet and weighs more than 7,000 pounds!

Great White Shark Mega Migrations and Shark Science 

We know great white sharks can  and do migrate across huge distances, white shark migration habits make it difficult to estimate population numbers, but at Guadalupe island, Mexico we are seeing an increase in great white shark numbers since our first expedition there in 2000. Today the island boasts over 290 named and tagged animals!

Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving BEST Location

Shark enthusiasts, shark divers, and non shark divers travel to this remote volcanic island around 210 miles off the coast of San Diego, California, accessible on a 5 day liveaboard trip. MV Horizon offers three full days of diving with multiple dives per day, so you’ll be spending lots of time in the water which is, incidentally, the warmest and clearest of all the spots on this list. With visibility regularly exceeding 100 feet and the MV Horizon, which has been running Guadalupe island cage diving shark tours for almost 20 years.

Shark Cage Diving at The Neptune Islands

The Neptune Islands boast plenty of sharks plus excellent underwater visibility (32 to 65 feet). You can spot them on a day trip with Adventure Bay Charters or Calypso Star Charters or, for a more serious voyage, try an overnight or multiday tour with Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions. Fox invented cage diving back in the 1960s after the idea occurred to him at the zoo, and this company allows scuba-certified divers to cage dive on the ocean floor.

South Africa White Shark Cage Diving 

The freezing waters of Cape Town boast the highest concentration of Great Whites in the world, Seal Island or Dyer Island: also known as Shark Alley is where all the action goes down. Trips run year-round in Gansbaai and from April to September in False Bay with peak season being June and July. Before you book, ask which area has had more recent sightings and check the weather conditions, as visibility can vary from 15 to 65 feet. Apex Shark Expeditions runs trips in both locations and has hosted a number of documentary film crews. Gansbaai-based Marine Dynamics Shark Tours has marine biologists leading each trip and boasts stellar conservation credentials.