Where To Go White Shark Cage Diving

cage diving with great white sharks

Where To Go White Shark Cage Diving

Cage Diving Basics

Diving inside a shark cage provides a safe environment for divers and non-divers to observe and photograph white sharks with minimal risk. For those of you excited about cage diving with great white sharks there’s only one location on the planet to consider. Guadalupe Island aka Isla Guadalupe, The Island of The Sharks.

About Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving

Isla Guadalupe is, without doubt, the best place in the world to dive with great white sharks. Locateds 210 miles off San Diego’s H and M Landing, America’s Shark Boat has been thrilling shark divers at this uninhabited volcanic island since 2000. Isla Guadalupe is only accessible via liveaboard, it’s not for the faint of heart these are proper shark expeditions in the classic sense lasting five days at sea. Departing from San Diego in the US, your shark diving expedition makes for a 5 day trip, offering 3 full days of thrilling white shark cage diving.

Diving with the great whites at Guadalupe’s North Bay offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the oceans top predator.

Shark Cage Diving Information at Guadalupe Island

Diving Season: July to November.

Water Temperature: 70-75°F (21-24°C).

Difficulty: Suitable for all levels, including non-divers.

Non-diving Activities: Liveaboard-only activities.

Nearest Airport: San Diego International Airport (SAN).

The great white season at Guadalupe Island runs from July to November, with numerous frisky male great whites arriving ready to mate early in the season. These animals to often attack each other looking to assert dominance for when the larger females start making an appearance from late September onwards. The largest females arrive well into October – November during the Time of the Titans when many seasoned shark cage divers consider this the ideal time to visit. Ready to go shark diving? Book today!