Where Can I Cage Dive With Great White Sharks in 2021?

Guadalupe island cage diving

Where Can I Cage Dive With Great White Sharks in 2021?

So you want to cage dive with sharks? With a number of locations around the globe to shark cage dive and photograph the great white shark, where does one start? After 20 years at Guadalupe Island we have kept track of all the white shark cage diving locations around the globe, and two decades later none of them even come close to Mexico’s shark diving gem.

Neptune Island Australia

Rodney Fox is the father of the shark cage diving and his location in Australia is as close as you can get to Guadalupe island in terms of shark interactions on crystal clear water. A champion spear fisherman, Fox was in the middle of a competition when he survived one of the most severe great white shark attacks ever recorded. After his attack, Rodney dedicated his life to learning more about these incredible animals, so he created the first ever shark diving cage. Nearly 47 years later, shark cage diving with Great Whites continues at the Neptune Islands in southern Australia.

The season runs for a brief period in the summer, from December-February, and then resumes again for a longer winter season from May-November. Australian waters have long been known for their high concentration of great white sharks. A range of sizes can be spotted at the island; male sharks are present all year round, with female’s only around in the autumn and winter months.

Isla Guadalupe, Guadalupe Island, Mexico

The only other location in the world that can beat the Neptune Islands, and perhaps rivals dives sites around the world in visibility is Guadalupe Island, Mexico. The great whites sharks in these pristine waters have quickly become world famous since we first discovered sharks here in 2000.

The white shark season runs from August- December, with the highest shark sighting frequency and best conditions in the world. With a range 150 feet of visibility, Guadalupe Island is a shark divers and shark photographer’s dream location.  Not only is the visibility legendary, but so are the sharks. Summer to autumn months yield groups of very active male sharks, with female white sharks beginning to arrive in September. With their arrival come the Time of the Titans nearing November. This is the name affectionately given to the very large and dominant female great whites, measuring 5m+ long!

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