When is Shark Week 2019? Complete Line Up Here

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When Is Shark Week 2019? Here’s What To Expect This Year

When is Shark Week coming to Discovery Channel this summer? The annual week dedicated to shark-based programming first began in 1988. Since then, it’s grown into a full week of can’t miss specials and documentaries focusing on one of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures – the shark. America’s Shark Boat has been part of the franchise going back to 2005 when the FIRST Shark Week show was shot at Guadalupe Island!

Shark Week Origins

Shark Week was never intended to strike fear into humans by showcasing the species in a negative light. Instead, the TV event was created to educate viewers by clearing up misconceptions about sharks. It was also meant to aid in conservation efforts as the species is continuously threatened by the actions of humans. So when can audiences expect Shark Week to arrive later this year?

Discovery has announced that Shark Week is scheduled to begin on Sunday, July 28 and will run through August 4. The press release promised that the week-long event will feature more than 20 hours of shark programming. They have once again partnered with marine biologists and scientists to develop ground-breaking studies into the world of sharks.

Deep Blue Search at Guadalupe Continues 2019

The 2019 lineup will feature a number of brand-new shark specials including the search for what they refer to as “Deep Blue.” The specials will also feature the latest set of technology as professionals go to great length to study various species of sharks. The crew will unveil the first drone-towed seal decoy in order to attract the majestic beasts. More details about the Shark Week specials will be released later this summer ahead of the TV event.

In the past, Discovery Channel has crossed-over some of their most popular programming to coincide with Shark Week. They once aired a two-hour MythBusters special that focused on Jaws-related content. The network might try to follow suit this year and once again feature their most popular series during their largest-watched event of the year. Actor Rob Riggle is expected to host this year’s Shark Week while he invites some of his celebrity pals along for the fun. He made an appearance during last year’s 30th anniversary alongside Shaquille O’Neal.

Sharktastic Shark Programming in 2019

Viewers can expect Shark Week to expand over social media channels for an enhanced viewing experience. The longest-running TV event on cable aims to go bigger each year and they continue to deliver. But it’s not just about ratings to the network. Discovery has partnered with Oceana this year to help the crusade to protect sharks. In addition, they are teaming up with Ocean Conservancy to keep the oceans clean. Throughout the week-long event, viewers will learn how they can directly help the cause. It’s important to remember that without protection endeavors and clean oceans, there would be no Shark Week to enjoy.