When is Shark Week 2019? Can I Dive Like Shark Week Stars?

guadalupe island shark cage diving

When is Shark Week 2019? Can I Dive Like Shark Week Stars?

Shark Week is coming and for many divers and non divers out there the decision to watch Shark Week or live Shark Week is a tough one. This year, actor, comedian and retired Marine Rob Riggle will pack his bags and dive back into the water for a shark-filled adventure titled “Shark Trip: Eat. Prey. Chum.” And he’ll bring some of his celebrity friends, including Anthony Anderson, Adam Devine, Joel McHale and Damon Wayans Jr.

Shark Week 2019 Set Your Watch

As part of Shark Week 2019, the the first “drone-towed” seal decoy will be used. And the series will take viewers to the depths of the ocean in search of Deep Blue at Guadalupe Island, one of the largest great white sharks ever filmed. Horizon Charters first discovered Guadalupe in 2000 and named this shark on another Shark Week show back in 2012.

The summer tradition, which airs each year on the Discovery Channel, will run for eight days — wrapping up on Sunday, Aug. 4.

Dive Like The Stars On Shark Week

Cage diving with great white sharks is one of the safest shark dives you can do. As well as quoting our 100% safety record we must point out that contrary to popular belief, the sharks are often cautious and timid during dive operations. The animals often approach our cages with extreme care and will vary rarely bump or mouth the cages for investigation.

The sharks are not being aggressive, just exploring new objects in their environment. Never forget, our highly qualified and experienced crew always regard your safety as their number one priority and will never put you in a situation that is deemed to be unsafe in anyway. Book your adventure today!