When Does Shark Week 2018 Start? Shark Weeks Star-Studded Lineup

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Shark Week Turns 30 Here’s the Line Up

When does Shark Week start? Worry no more because all the details about Discovery Channel’s fintastic programming event have been released. Shark Week 2018 starts Sunday, July 22 and ends Sunday, July 29, leaving viewers with eight nights of shark-filled specials. This is Shark Week’s 30th anniversary, so expect Discovery to go all out for the celebration.

Plenty of celebs are joining in on the fun. Discovery announced athletes Ronda Rousey, Aaron Rodgers, Rob Gronkowski, and Lindsey Vonn will join. Bear Grylls will appear and the other sharks will also show up: Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John from ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

Shark Week 2018 Line Up

“Shark Tank Meets Shark Week” The four sharks of “Shark Tank” get into the water to learn about the issues sharks are facing. They’ll each get paired up with an oceanic organization, and then the four will have to decide which charity deserves $50,000.

“Cuba’s Secret Shark Lair” Cuba has been home to some massive shark sightings, and now researchers get to search for them.

“Uncaged: Shark vs. Ronda Rousey” WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey is trained by Paul de Gelder, a shark conservationist and shark attack survivor. She cage dives in Fiji, but she’ll “free dive uncaged” with a heavyweight Mako shark in New Zealand.

“Great White Abyss” A team goes to Guadalupe Island to find the biggest sharks they can.

“Monster Tag” (working title) Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Olympic Champion Lindsey Vonn and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski learn that shark populations are in trouble worldwide. However, researchers are using the latest satellite technology to try and save them.

“Jaws In Paradise” This special brings back the Shark Cam as a team in the Bahamas investigates the private lives of bull and hammerhead sharks.

“Bear vs. Shark” Bear Grylls goes head to head with sharks.

“Air Jaws: The Hunted” In 2017, five full-grown Great White sharks washed up dead on beaches in South Africa. The necropsy revealed they were eaten alive, most likely killed by Orca whales. Researchers investigate if the killer will attack again.

“Sharkwrecked” In a 48-hour experiment, shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder joins marine survival expert James Glancy to learn what happens to shipwrecks in shark-infested waters. Scientists will track the sharks around them while a medical team monitors their health.

“Tiger Shark Invasion” Tiger sharks are resetting the underwater ecosystem in the Galapagos.

“Get Out Alive” (working title) Is sharks’ behavior to blame for attacks? Or is it human behavior that causes the accidents? A team puts a theory to the test by “reenacting five harrowing real-life encounters and putting their own lives on the line.”

“Son of Jaws” (working title) Dr. Craig O’Connell goes looking for the legendary sharks of Montauk “to see if the bloodline of Jaws continues.”

“Great White Mama” (working title) Pregnant great white sharks go to Guadalupe for one last meal before their babies are born. But researchers want to find out where they go to give birth after that.

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