What You Need To Know About Guadalupe Shark Diving

guadalupe island shark cage diving

What You Need To Know About Guadalupe Shark Diving

Shark cage diving at Guadalupe island is a bucket list adventure for everyone who’s ever dared to LIVE Shark Week instead of just watching Shark Week. We would know this is our 19th shark cage diving season at Guadalupe this year. Here are a few answers to our most asked questions about shark cage diving at the world’s BEST cage diving location!

When is White Shark Cage Diving Season at Guadalupe Island?

White shark cage diving season at Guadalupe island runs from late July to November. For film and tv crews from Discovery Channel Shark Week the season extends into December each year when the regular shark boats have closed shop for the season.

Guadalupe Shark Diving How Long Should I Plan?

Plan your great white shark cage diving adventure to take six days and include up to three full days of shark diving at Guadalupe island, you’ll be on America’s Shark Boat for 5 days add in travel to and from San Diego, Ca.

Do You Take Non Cert Shark Divers?

No dive certification is required to cage dive on America’s Shark Boat at Guadalupe Island. 19 seasons ago we designed a “cage diving for everyone system” that has been copied everywhere around the globe. We got you covered. If you can snorkel you can cage dive with great whites!

Shark Cage Diving Pricing Are You All Inclusive?

YES! There are no surprises or counting pennies on our vessel. We offer one stop all inclusive shark cage diving pricing because no one wants an extra bill at the end of their trip – ever! Our staterooms are all double occupancy. We have equipment available in your size when you arrive and NEVER charge rentals fees.

Guadalupe Island Cage Diving Booking

Travel to the crystal clear waters of Guadalupe Island, Mexico with us out of San Diego this fall. Guadalupe island is one of the best places on the whole planet to view great white sharks while spending three shark filled days cage diving with the world’s TOP predator. Book today!