What You Need to Know About Guadalupe Island Cage Diving

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What You Need to Know About Guadalupe Island Cage Diving

Getting face to face with a great white shark is unlike any other dive encounter on the planet, and you can experience it at Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. This remote volcanic island located 210 miles off the coast of San Diego and is the  top spot for great white action every July-December.

We have identified over 450 white sharks at Guadalupe and on average very year  our shark divers discover another 30 to 60 more. Isla Guadalupe enjoys beautiful crystal blue waters with visibility regularly approaching over 150 feet on most days.

Guadalupe is a 100% shark cage diving location due to park regulations and our surface cages have you six feet underwater for the best shark viewing at the island bar none. Social club in Bend surface cages you to get some great light effects with sun rays dancing across the the great white sharks that cruise eyeball distance for your shark cage.

Planning a Trip to Guadalupe Island This Year?

When: The season runs from July through December.

Shark Species: Great white sharks are the main shark here, but you can also spot whale sharks seals, tuna, and other turtles.

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