What To Expect On A Guadalupe Island White Shark Cage Diving Adventure

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Cage Diving For Everyone at Guadalupe Island

Cage diving on America’s Shark Boat at Guadalupe Island. The Great White sharks of Guadalupe are some of the Pacific’s most successful hunters, returning to the island each year to mate and feed on the abundance of seals and sea lions that make Isla Guadalupe‘s rugged coastline home. The unique water clarity and calm seas surrounding shark waters have solidified its reputation as the best location in the world to observe great white sharks safely from a shark cage. 

Go Pro Sharks

We encourage you to bring along GoPros and to take stills and videography here at Guadalupe island. Guests photos are submitted for identification of new sharks to the island as well as documentation of established sharks returning to the area. All images are compiled into the “White sharks of Guadalupe Island Photo ID Guide” for scientific reference. This catalog of white sharks allows operators and researchers to track and document aggregating Great Whites around the island.

More Than Just Great White Sharks

Great white sharks are the stars of our yearly cage diving adventures at Guadalupe island buy you’ll also encounter yellowfin tuna, elephant and fur seals along the coastal waters of Guadalupe as well as turtles, dolphins, and more.

After 3 days of white shark diving at Guadalupe Island will pull anchor and head directly back to San Diego, Ca our home base. Other operators force their divers to bus back to America, we NEVER do that.

The passionate team here at the M/V Horizon specialise in taking non-certified divers into the water with great white sharks and offer the chance to discover shark research and shark conservation at Guadalupe Island. They have over 20 years of cage diving experience and know many of the visiting sharks. The iconic Deep Blue, over 19 feet in length, is just one of the well-known white sharks that guests can see up close and personal when diving with the M/V Horizon. Book Today!

Let’s go cage diving!