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guadalupe island shark cage diving

Guadalupe Island BEST Value Shark Cage Diving

Guadalupe Island is famed the world over for its close encounters with great white sharks. Isla Guadalupe is the ultimate destination for observing these magnificent predators from August through to November each year. How do we know? We pioneered cage diving here over 19 years ago!

About Guadalupe Island or Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Isla Guadalupe is a small volcanic island 380 kilometres off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Due to its extremely clear water and remote location, the island is one of the best places to dive with the great white sharks, and an especially great place to photograph these amazing sharks. It is not uncommon to dive with over 15 animals in a single day! Reached only by liveaboard, shark divers and non divers can expect exceptional visibility, often multiple sharks per dive and pristine conditions; it is nothing short of great white shark heaven!

Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island

Guadalupe Island is became the premier destination for great white shark cage diving for two reasons: warm water and great visibility. Such great conditions make it easy to spend plenty of time in the water without getting cold and offer the best chance to see the sharks clearly both up close and from afar.

Shark Diving Details: Water temperatures during shark season range from 66 to 71 F (19 to 22 C). Visibility ranges from 140 to 160 feet (42 to 50 m). It can get chilly when cage diving, as you don’t move much in the cage. Choose a wetsuit of at least 5mm, plus gloves and a hood. You don’t need any experience to cage dive at Guadalupe — you needn’t even be a certified diver for the surface cage. If you are certified, however, you can spend time in the cage both at depth and on the surface. America’s Shark Boat offers 5-night shark diving safaris from July to November each year.

When To Go Cage Diving: The best time to visit depends on which sharks you want to dive with. The energetic male sharks visit during July and August each and the huge females that Guadalupe is famous for arrive in October and November. Let’s go shark diving!