ULTIMATE Valentine’s Gifts | Great White Shark Cage Diving San Diego

guadalupe island shark cage diving

ULTIMATE Valentine’s Gifts | Great White Shark Cage Diving San Diego

Many of us are with someone who rolls their eyes at the mere mention of Valentine’s Day, America’s Shark Boat gets it. It’s somewhat of a cheesy holiday, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give a gift that’s just as cheesy. Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend, husband or S/O don’t have to be lovey-dovey, in fact they can be downright FINTASTIC!

Give the ULTIMATE valentine’s gift this year for less than you imagined and give the gift of lasting memories!

Your Valentines gift includes 5 days on a liveaboard in San Diego, California. A professional shark diving crew, guaranteed great white sharks, and memories to last a lifetime!

Shark cage diving in Mexico should not cost you or your lover a fortune. Liveaboard cage diving at Guadalupe Island can be VERY expensive, with complicated bus rides into Mexico, multiple passport check controls (US and Mexico twice!). On America’s Shark Boat, based in sunny San Diego, California we try hard to keep our charter prices as low as possible while also offering the best services for a US flagged liveaboard dive boat. If you see a competitor great white shark adventure with a comparable vessel and dive charter timeframe with a lower price, take advantage of our Low Shark Diving Price Guarantee. Just reach out to us with the competitors offer and save some cash. Save money and join us cage diving this year with great white sharks!.

About Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island, Your Adventure

America’s Shark Boat low priced cage diving expeditions depart directly from San Diego. No busses into Mexico – ever!

Shark Day Guadalupe Island Cage Diving 1: Board America’s Shark Boat at H and M Landing in San Diego at 9pm. Followed by cabin assignments and a short safety orientation onboard. As soon as everyone is settled we will leave for the crossing to Guadalupe Island, cage diving mecca with great white sharks. For the rest of the day you’re welcome to relax, eat great chef prepared meals and snacks, and watch movies (Jaws!) or hang out on the decks to look for common dolphins that are frequently seen during our transit to the island.

Shark Day Guadalupe Island Cage Diving 2: We will arrive at Guadalupe Island in the early morning with fresh coffee in hand. While you enjoy a chef prepared breakfast, our seasoned and professional shark crew (celebrating 18 years at the island) will prepare your shark cages and throw a few hang baits out to attract the sharks – it doesn’t take long – so eat fast!. After breakfast you will receive a short dive briefing and then the first guests will gear up and enter the cages, we continue diving all day right up until sunset. 

NOTE: America’s Shark Boat supplies ALL your dive gear, wetsuits and weights – for free. We also specialize in non-certified divers. If you can snorkel, you can cage dive with great white sharks. Let us show you how. We have been turning non-certified divers into SHARK DIVERS since 2000 at Guadalupe.

A delicious chef prepared dinner will be served around 6-7pm. By the end of Shark Day 1 you’ll be tired and ready for bed after a few glasses of wine or a beer, just know tonight, as you sleep huge white sharks are swimming just below your cabin bed – sleep tight!

Shark Day Guadalupe Island Cage Diving 3: Same as Shark Day 2, except now you’ll be fully dialed in and ready for anything!

Shark Day Guadalupe Island Cage Diving 4: Same as days 2 and 3. Around 3pm the cages will be hoisted back on deck for the overnight run back San Diego California.

Shark Day Guadalupe Island Cage Diving 5: After a chef prepared breakfast we will arrive back to San Diego. Congratulations Shark Diver, you just safely encountered the world’s top predator and have the pictures and video to prove it!~

Buy with Confidence and SAVE!

You can buy with confidence on America’s Shark Boat the MV Horizon. Since 1982 we have made a name for ourselves offering world-class great white shark adventures and scuba charters at great pricing. 2019 all inclusive pricing is $2,999. Let’s dive!

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