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Tripadvisor Reports Guadalupe Shark Cage Diving on America’s Shark Boat

The 2022 white shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island was our 22nd shark season and it was, simply put, amazing! Shark divers from as far away as the U.K and Australia joined us on America’s Shark Boat for 5 day adventures packed with great white sharks.

Tripadvisor Shark Diver Reports 2022

Here’s a short (very short) sampling of the tidal wave of shark trip reports we received from our shark divers in 2022. As always, we’re so grateful to be able to meet and shark cage dive with simply amazing people. Every year shark divers and non divers choose America’s Shark Boat in San Diego to introduce them to the wild world of Guadalupe white sharks:

Amazing Experience

“We had an awesome shark cage diving trip at Guadalupe Island! Horizon Charters was an amazing host and we saw so many huge great whites. I highly recommend booking a trip and checking this off your bucket list!”

Absolutely Stunning!

“Horizon Charters pays attention to their customers with plenty of information, attention to detail, responses to any inquiry, and, of course, by ensuring diver safety! I had an absolute blast and saw so many big BIG sharks. I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday. Every person on the boat had an amazing life story and contributed to the overall experience by sharing their life stories and knowledge about all kinds of topics. I appreciated their input tremendously!”

Beyond Amazing!

“Trip of a lifetime! Some experiences in life just change a person. This was one of them. The entire operation is very well orchestrated. Food: outstanding. Staff & crew: outstanding. Seeing great white sharks up close in their natural environment: beyond amazing!  I can’t thank the entire crew of Horizon Charters enough. Safety is paramount. At no time did I feel concerned about my safety. As someone who has never even been scuba diving, I was a bit anxious about getting into a cage with white sharks. That anxiety was quickly put to rest by our outstanding dive master. Just a first class organization!”

Bucket List Ticked at Guadalupe!

“Amazing trip with a fantastic crew and fellow shark divers. You could not ask for anything more from this exceptional charter.Professional and very easygoing crew made you feel very welcome from the moment we boarded the boat.Food was awesome. Beds comfortable and clean.About 30 different sharks on our charter and the visibility was about 40 mtrs. Came over from Australia and was not disappointed. Thanks Spencer and crew for the memories!

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