The BEST Shark Diving on Planet Earth

Guadalupe island cage diving

Since 2000 we have identified over 500 individual great white sharks at Guadalupe Island, when we first discovered this amazing shark location. On average each year another 20-30 additional great white sharks are named and described. In 2006 the Mexican government and UNESCO declared Guadalupe Island a World Heritage Site. At Isla Guadalupe you’ll encounter abundant great whites in crystal blue waters with visibility regularly approaching over 150 feet with naturally protected moorings for a smooth few nights at the island.

Cage Diving For All Divers and Non Divers

Guadalupe Island shark encounters are cage diving only due to park regulations and vessel preference. Seriously, you DO NOT want to be outside the shark cages here and anyone who suggest this is a good option is anti shark, self serving, and should not be in the dive industry. After 22 years here we can say with this with authority. Surface cages are huge and comfortable and it’s where 99% of all the white shark encounters take place. Those amazing videos and images of great white sharks you have been drooling over? surface cages almost exclusively. Our surface cages are basically open from sunrise to a little bit before sunset, you’ll have plenty of time with sharks, always.

Planning a Trip to Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

When: The season runs from July through December. Social club in Bend In the first half of the season expect younger males in bug numbers. While there may be slightly fewer sharks in the second half of the season, this is when the big females arrive we call this the Time of the Titans.

Sharks: Great white sharks are the main species but we have seen whale sharks, blue sharks and makos here at Point Norte.

Who to Dive With: America’s Shark Boat is based in San Diego and offers great white shark cage diving expeditions to Isla Guadalupe boarding at H and M Landing, no bussing into Mexico ever!