Shark Week watch it? Or LIVE it? Guadalupe Island Diving

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Shark Week’s 30th Anniversary is Coming

Discovery announced that our favorite time of the year, Shark Week, 2018 will kick off Sunday, July 22. As in previous years, the worlds most fun shark programming will run for eight fintastic days. This marks the 30th installment of the annual franchise, which features all sorts of shark-centric specials that aim to educate about the powerful predators of the sea while clearing up misconceptions.

Watching Eight Days of Sharks

Shark Week 2018 is going to be more than worth waiting for — after all, this year is Shark Week’s 30th anniversary, so it’s sure to be an even bigger affair than normal. According to Deadline, the Discovery Channel already has some special things planned with their usual team of scientists and cinematographers, and are planning to debut some new technology (“from genetic profiling to miniaturized camera tags”) in order to “peer more deeply into the shark ecosystem.” Sounds pretty exciting already, right? And more details are sure to follow as we get closer to that landmark 30th season. Will you be watching?

Fun Shark Week Fin Fact


Living Shark Week at Guadalupe Island

We all love Shark Week. Here’s the great news: it doesn’t have to end. Just because the Discovery Channel only has one week of programming doesn’t mean you can’t jump in a shark cage and live the dream!

With America’s Shark Boat as your guide, you can go cage diving off the coast of Baja at Guadalupe Island with great white sharks from August – November. We’ll put you up close and personal with sharks this year for less than you imagined so you can ACTUALLY live Shark Week after you watch Shark Week this year! Let’s dive!