Shark Week is Coming, Will You Be Cage Diving at Guadalupe?

Guadalupe island white shark cage diving

About Shark Week, Humble Beginnings

Since 1988, the little educational-programming week that could has drawn in massive audiences, hitting 29 million viewers in 2008 and close to 34 million last year. But at its humble beginnings, Shark Week was just a shadowy, elusive idea, lurking in the wet depths of the Discovery Channel creators’ imaginations.

Watch Shark Week 2018, and Celebrate 30 Years of Finstastic Sharks

Discovery announced that Shark Week 2018 will kick off Sunday, July 22. As in previous years, the attack of programming will run for eight days (not six!) marking the 30th installment of the annual franchise, which features all sorts of shark-centric specials that aim to educate about the powerful predators of the sea while clearing up misconceptions.

Live Like It’s Shark Week at Guadalupe Island | Cage Diving!

Guadalupe Island sits in Mexican waters approximately 250 miles from San Diego, and hosts a large great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) population. It is likely the only place where great white sharks can be readily observed (safely) in clear water next to South Australia. America’s Shark Boat runs five day expeditions to Guadalupe in the fall and early winter every year aboard the MV Horizon, which leaves port from San Diego, Ca.

For Shark Week fans this is the ULTIMATE shark diving experience getting you dafe to face with some of the stars of sharks week like Sarah, Deep Blue, Scarboard and Mimi, sharks we have known since our first expedition to the island in 2000. Join us this year and don’t just watch Shark Week….LIVE it!