Shark Week Dive Packages at Guadalupe Island

Shark Week Dive Packages At Guadalupe 2018

Come and dive the best of Mexico’s great white sharks at Guadalupe Island in America’s Shark Boat and experience the world’s No. 1 shark cage diving experience with up to 5 different white sharks at one time!

Guadalupe Cage Diving 

Guadalupe Island is located 24 hours from our home poet of San Diego and is the seasonal (Aug-Nov) home to over 249 great white sharks. Guadalupe is a Bio-Sphere Reserve was partially established for the conservation of great white sharks in Mexican waters. America’s Shark Boat is fully committed to the protection of the marine environment and supports global efforts to protect sharks.

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Shark cage diving, it really is as thrilling as it looks! You have always wanted to experience the world’s top white shark cage diving destination at Guadalupe Island, and now you can – for less than you imagined. Face off with great white sharks this year on America’s Shark Boat, the MV Horizon, see the same white sharks as everyone else and save money. Since 2000 we have been pioneering shark cage diving, underwater shark photography, shark research, and Film and TV with sharks at this unique and pristine white shark location. We are your next shark diving adventure. Great ready for excitement and let’s go cage diving!