Shark Week at Guadalupe Island? Yes!

Cage diving at Guadalupe island

Shark Week at Guadalupe Island? Yes!

Guadalupe shark cage diving season runs from late July – November every year and while each month has its advantages, there are two main seasons for shark divers to enjoy. There really are no bad expedition to Guadalupe Island and no “wrong time” to get face to face with a great white shark.

Hurricane Season and Weather at Guadalupe Island

Fall hurricane season for southern Mexico start in mid September, few tropical storms if any make as far north as Guadalupe Island and even fewer storms from Alaska make it this far south, leaving Guadalupe calm around the island where we go shark cage diving every year. Crossings from Ensenada to Guadalupe Island are 210 miles of open ocean, this can be very smooth to very rough always bring some kind of sea sickness medication with you just in case.  Once at Guadalupe, it is normally calm at the island in the lee of a 5000 foot mountain peak.

Cage Diving For Everyone

Shark cage diving on America’s Shark Boat starts at 7am and go till sunset every single day.  If you are used to diving in the Caribbean it is going to be much colder so we supply wetsuits and ALL the dive gear you’ll need for our expeditions. Our great white sharks start to arrive in late July, these are smaller juveniles almost exclusively male. August is when we see the most sharks.

August great white shark cage diving expeditions have the longest days; this allows for more cage diving time as we will typically dive till sunset, August sunsets at 8:00pm

November is when larger female sharks are seen and we call this the Time of the Titans. Most sharks average between 15ft – 20ft but the sharks average size increases as it is not the length that impresses, but it is the girth these are huge sharks!

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