Shark Week 2021 Live The Dream

Cage diving at Guadalupe island

Shark Week 2021 Live The Dream

Guadalupe Island in Mexico is the top destination for great white shark encounters bar none. This small volcanic island, located in the Pacific 240 kilometres (150 miles) off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula boasts great white shark cage diving in beautiful clear blue water with 100 – 150 foot visibility.

Shark Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island

Guadalupe Island, or Isla Guadalupe, is a volcanic island located off the west coast of Baja California in Mexico, known to scuba divers to offer as the best destination for cage diving with great white sharks. Boasting great visibility this protected marine area outperforms both Australia and South Africa for great white shark encounters, making it one of the best dive destinations in Mexico.

Why are YOU Paying MORE For Cage Diving at Guadalupe?

Shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island is the most exciting adventure for certified and non-certified divers in the world and, since you will be breathing surface supplied air, no diving certification are required for ouer divers – ever!

Since 2000 when we FIRST discovered Guadalupe it has become the world’s best location for diving with great white sharks bar none. Our 5 day all inclusive white shark expeditions are the best location to discover why Guadalupe island is one of the best dive spots in the world.

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