Shark Week 2018 Will You Be Watching It? Or Living It?

guadalupe island shark cage diving

You may live every week like it’s Shark Week, but there’s one week in particular when you can truly do that.

LIVE Like It’s Shark Week

Discovery announced Tuesday that Shark Week 2018 will kick off Sunday, July 22. As in previous years, the attack of programming will run for eight days. This marks the 30th installment of the annual franchise, which features all sorts of shark-centric specials that aim to educate about the powerful predators of the sea while clearing up misconceptions.

As you can see above, the network also released its first promo for Shark Week, featuring Shaquille O’Neal. And speaking of misconceptions, the imposing basketball legend is laboring under the delusion that Discovery asked him to participate in Shaq Week as he is fitted with diving gear and placed in a cage, about to be lowered into the dangerous waters.

Last year’s festivities included 18 specials, including one in which Michael Phelps almost raced a Great White, and a Sharks and the City special narrated by Sex and the City alum Chris Noth.