Shark Week 2018 Shaun White In Latest Shark Week Promo

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Discovery’s 30th anniversary Shark Week is just around the corner and, on July 1 the network unveils the latest promo in its clueless celebrities – or, as Discovery calls it, its “fans in all sort of high places” – campaign.

Snowboarder Shawn White on Shark Week?

This time it’s famed snowboarder Shaun White who thinks he’s been signed by the network to star in his own week – Shaun Week.

Shaq O’Neal suited up for Discovery’s first Shark Week 2018 promo in April; Shania Twain thought it was Shania Week in June.

The marquee summertime event that debuted in 1988 is “television’s longest running must-see summer tent pole event,” Discovery boasted.

Shark Week 2018 Line Up

Discovery Channel has promised more than 19 hours of special “shark & awe” programming, beginning July 22, to celebrate the 30th anniversary. That will include looks at far-flung shark-infested places, more celebrity athletes, and the sharks from ABC’s Shark Tank.

Cage Diving Like It’s Shark Week

America’s Shark Boat specializes in taking non certified divers, or first time shark divers, into the exciting world of great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) at Guadalupe Island to meet the stars of shark week.

Shark Diving For Everyone

Is our commitment to showcase the incredible world of white sharks with a combination of 18 years of cage diving experience, a cage system designed exclusively for non divers, top notch shark staff and cage diving crews with years of hands on shark experience.

We have been cage diving and naming many of the white sharks you’ll be diving with this year. From the incredible 19+ foot Deep Blue, most likely the largest great white shark in the Pacific, to many of our regular white sharks like Scarboard, Lucy, and Mau. These amazing animals have become more than just whites sharks to us as we encounter them year after year – we met Scarboard 16 years ago – they have become our sharky friends. Let’s dive!