Shark Week 2018 Shark Named Stormy D

Trump Hates Sharks – So We Named Ours Stormy D

When we heard that Donald J Trump hated sharks we said, What!?! Who HATES sharks anymore? Over the past 30 years Shark Week has made Americans happy to go back into the water and shark conservation and shark diving is at an all time high…shark haters are so 1980’s.

About That Stormy Thing

Stormy Daniels says that when she knocked at Donald Trump’s private bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel in July 2007, she found the “Celebrity Apprentice” figure already engaged. Too busy to talk business or jump into what the adult film star would later describe as extramarital sex. Everything had to wait as he was watching Shark Week and…hating on it. According to Stormy Daniels The Donald went on to tell her how much he hated sharks. Ugh.

So We Named Ours Stormy D

Yeah so, it’s not ok to hate on sharks – ever, they’re just doing their thing and frankly they have been doing it for millions of years, long before humans got surfboards, or floats, or decided to wade into dark waters at sunset with bits of fish all over the place. For us here on America’s Shark Boat it’s shark first, be fintastic towards our toothy friends and you’ll get a whole shark named after you. In this case an 18 foot female who weights in at 3900lbs.

Welcome to “Stormy D” the nicest white shark in the world and you can meet her in person at Guadalupe Island this season, let’s dive!