guadalupe island shark cage diving

Shark Week 2018 is coming. Beginning July 22, 2018, the world will be captivated by 8 days (squee!) of fintastic TV programs on the Discovery Channel. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn about our toothy friends and what we can do to help them all over the world. As shark divers, we can take Shark Week one step further by going diving with sharks. This practice is not only great fun, it also aids conservation by adding value to live sharks.

Read on to learn more about Shark Week, shark conservation and shark diving.

Shark Week 2018 What You Need To Know

Shark Week is a TV program that began in 1988 as an annual, week-long event. During this summer schedule, the Discovery Channel predominantly features shows all about sharks, shark diving, and fintastic fun sharky facts.

Since taking root in the late 80s, the Shark Week TV program has bloomed into an event adored by shark lovers around the world. So how do shark divers celebrate Shark Week? By watching the Discovery Channel, of course. And by diving with sharks – maybe on an action-packed liveaboard trip.

You might also like to read tons of shark-related content on our shark blog or search the #SharkWeek tag on social media channels to find extra information published by NGOs, scuba diving websites and your friends this year.

Celebrate Shark Week by Diving With Sharks

Has Shark Week inspired you to go diving with sharks over the years? The best destination and liveaboard trips to going to Guadalupe are still on America’s Shark Boat in San Diego. Guadalupe is a this remote Mexican Island is only accessible by liveaboard. Here you’ll find warm waters and excellent visibility, unlike most other white shark locales. Scuba diving trips to Guadalupe only depart from August to November each year.