Shark Week 2018 Dr Mauricio Hoyos Submarine Whites at Guadalupe?

guadalupe island shark cage diving

According to Facebook our favorite white shark researcher at Guadalupe Island will be on Shark Week this year diving in a submarine with our resident great white sharks! Dr Hoyos was in Guadalupe last year shooting for this years Shark Week which will debut later this summer.

Dr Mauricio Hoyos Loves Sharks

It sounds like Dr Hoyos has been diving with the giant late season great white  sharks at the famed Point Norte at Guadalupe with several other shark researchers. At Guadalupe Island shark divers and shark fans from around the world are able to experience the breathtaking sight of up to five great white sharks on a single dive in crystal clear waters. It’s a shark diving heaven, so no wonder Dr Hoyos went shark diving in a submarine there!

Your Chance To Live Like It’s Shark Week!

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