Shark Week 2018: Details on 13 specials featuring Ronda Rousey, Aaron Rodgers, Bear Grylls

guadalupe island shark diving

Sharkwrecked (working title)
“Every year, more than 450 boats sink in U.S. waters, and 8 out of 10 of these are small leisure craft and fishing vessels. Survivors plunge into deep water, often with no life vest, food, or fresh water. Throw hungry sharks to the mix, and suddenly there’s a real and immediate life-threatening challenge. In a 48-hour adrenaline-fueled and daring experiment, shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder joins forces with fellow servicemember and marine survival expert James Glancy to record what happens when a shipwreck occurs in shark-infested waters. Scientists Greg Skomal and Edd Brooks track the sharks that circle our survivors, while medic Mike Hudson and his team gauge their health and safety as their bodies deteriorate in the water over the 48-hour timeframe. Which sharks are attracted to humans in distress? We’ll answer this and the most important question: What gets you first, the sea or the sharks?”

Air Jaws vs. Orca (working title)
“In 2017, five full-grown great white sharks washed up dead on beaches in South Africa. The necropsy revealed they were eaten alive. What is the only massive sea predator that has the ability to capture, kill, and devour a group of 15-foot, 3,000-pound great white sharks? Orcas. Leading the case is shark biologist Alison Towner, searching for the killers in these grisly crimes and sleuthing for the answer everyone is asking: Will they attack again? On her journey, Alison locates two orcas, named Port and Starboard, easily identifiable by their drooping dorsal fins, and she determines how they could be the attackers. In one of the most gripping stories of survival, Alison teams up with conservationist Chris Fallows and filmmakers Jeff Kurr and Andy Casagrande to find out how these great whites are being wiped out and what can be done to save them.”

Tiger Shark Invasion (working title)
“An invasive species is turning one of the world’s oldest marine ecosystems upside down. Dr. Neil Hammerschlag leads a team, including camera operator Joe Romeiro and local expert Alex Ahearn, to the Galapagos to observe and document how tiger sharks — new to the islands in the last 10 years — have reset the underwater order in one of the sharkiest places on the planet.”

The Laws of Jaws (working title)
“Shark attacks are on the rise, but are these attacks the result of the shark’s behavior or our own? Our team of expert divers Liz Parkinson, Mike Dornellas, and Nick LeBeouf and professional cameraman Andy Casagrande put this theory to the test by reenacting five harrowing real-life encounters and putting their own lives on the line. Real-life incidents recreated in real time. The most daring shark experiments ever attempted, helping uncover the keys to survive.”

Cage Diving Like It’s Shark Week

America’s Shark Boat specializes in taking non certified divers, or first time shark divers, into the exciting world of great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) at Guadalupe Island to meet the stars of shark week.

Shark Diving For Everyone

Is our commitment to showcase the incredible world of white sharks with a combination of 18 years of cage diving experience, a cage system designed exclusively for non divers, top notch shark staff and cage diving crews with years of hands on shark experience.

We have been cage diving and naming many of the white sharks you’ll be diving with this year. From the incredible 19+ foot Deep Blue, most likely the largest great white shark in the Pacific, to many of our regular white sharks like Scarboard, Lucy, and Mau. These amazing animals have become more than just whites sharks to us as we encounter them year after year – we met Scarboard 16 years ago – they have become our sharky friends. Let’s dive!