guadalupe island shark diving


From hammerheads to great white sharks, you should make it a life’s goal meet at least one of these finned friends during your shark diving career. Here’s a short list of amazing dive sites for the best shark encounters in the world. Enjoy!

#1 Guadalupe Island White Shark Cage Diving

One of the four ultimate places in the world to dive with great white sharks, Isla Guadalupe aka Guadalupe Island aka Shark Island is the world’s top cage diving destination. Cage divers are treated to warm, gin clear waters where you can cage dive with huge great white sharks using cages. Isla Guadalupe is accessible only by liveaboard with the BEST choice for value and departures from the USA direct being Horizon Charters.

  • Dive Type: Blue Water Cage Diving with HUGE Great White Sharks
  • Recommended Level: Beginner (diving with a cage)
  • Featured Shark: Great White Shark
  • When to Go: August to November

#2 Tiger Beach Bahamas

The Bahamas is known as the world’s best shark diving destination. It’s true that you can swim with reef sharks, hammerheads and oceanic whitetips around these gorgeous islands. But one of the best sites is Tiger Beach, where you’re nearly guaranteed a safe encounter with tiger sharks. Every day, several of these fierce sharks show up to be fed by local divers. You’ll wait in groups on the sandy bottom as the sharks circle around for several minutes. As an added bonus, you might also see nurse, lemon and caribbean reef sharks while diving at Tiger Beach.

  • Dive Type: Sandy Bottom
  • Recommended Level: Beginner
  • Featured Shark: Tiger Shark
  • When to Go: October to January

#3 Beqa Lagoon Fiji

Billed locally as the “Best Shark Dive in the World,” this part of Beqa Lagoon near the southern coast of Viti Levu has been the site of shark feeding for nearly a decade. On an average day, about 50 sharks show up for their daily meal. Bull sharks are the main attraction, but you’ll also see nurse, lemon, white-tip, black-tip, silvertip, gray and maybe even tiger sharks. Once the feeding is finished, most of the sharks disperse, but some will accompany you as you finish your dive by gliding over the adjacent reef.

  • Dive Type: Reef and Sharks
  • Recommended Level: Advanced
  • Featured Shark: Bull Shark
  • When to Go: July to September