Shark Diving With the Largest White Sharks in The World!

Guadalupe island white shark cage diving

Guadalupe Island Great White Shark Cage Diving

Have you ever wanted see a great white shark face to face at Guadalupe Island off of the Californian coast? If so, you’ve come to the right place. America’s Shark Boat is locally owned and has been safely delivering world-class great white shark dives at Guadalupe Island since 2000. When you dive with the longest running shark boat on the west coast you will receive a 5 day, all-inclusive shark diving package aboard a 80′ vessel. Every trip departs from and returns to San Diego, California with no bus transfers – ever!

Guadalupe Island Cage Diving Adventures

Great white shark cage dives at Guadalupe Island are for everyone! By utilizing surface-supplied air, anyone can take part in this amazing experience. Whether you have decades of diving experience or none at all, you can cage dive with great white sharks. These custom shark cages create a comfortable environment for divers of all levels, and the submersible cage offers experienced divers the opportunity to dive with great white sharks at even greater depths with their certified divemaster.

About our Guadalupe Island Shark Crew

Our shark crew pioneered cage diving with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island in 2000. They’re serious about what they do – here’s what sets them apart:

• America’s Shark Boat is the only full-service white shark diving company at Guadalupe Island. They own the boat, the business and the shark cages, plus they personally lead each shark diving expedition which uniquely allows them to guarantee every aspect of your trip.
• We draw from decades of experience finding and handling big-game fish. The crew expertly applies the same techniques to great white sharks with unparalleled results.
• We have a 100% undisputed white shark cage diving safety record. No accidents, no incidents, and 100% safe.
• We are an American crew certified and federally licensed by the United States Coast Guard.
• We are a fully licensed and annually inspected vessel certified and safeguarded by the United States Coast Guard.
• We are a locally owned San Diego company with decades of experience in Baja California’s waters.
• We boast the safest shark cages in use at Guadalupe Island.
• We have a 100% shark-spotting success record diving with great white sharks.

White Sharks Guaranteed at Guadalupe Island

Our liveaboard cage diving trip dates August through November are chosen with only one thing in mind – the best opportunity to cage diving with great white sharks. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to find great white sharks that we’ll guarantee you’ll see white sharks or you can join us again for free.

Great White Shark Conservation Commitment at Guadalupe Island

America’s Shark Boat has been, and remains, at the forefront of great white shark research and conservation at Guadalupe Island. For the last 18 years we have pioneered financial and logistical support to scientists at Isla Guadalupe. In addition, each year researchers join us to tag white sharks and recover valuable DNA information.

Limited Passenger Count at Guadalupe Island

Although America’s Shark Boat can comfortably accommodate up to 25, the passenger count will be limited to only 16. This ensures the shark cage divers a unique, personal experience. This increases your cage time and allows the charter to maintain an exceptional crew to passenger ratio of almost 1:2.

Special Terms

• Lowest price guarantee
• Cage dives are all-inclusive packages with no hidden fees or costs – ever!
• Pricing – $2999 Double Occupancy / $2999 Single Occupancy

Book your Guadalupe Island white shark cage diving adventure today!