Shark Diving Facts at Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Guadalupe Island shark cage diving

Shark Diving Facts at Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Cage diving with sharks can help to improve the animal’s negative public profile. America’s Shark Boat believes shark cage diving serves to educate the public, be educational at the same time as allowing tourists to see a great white up close. There is no compelling evidence to connect shark tourism with an increase in shark attacks and in the vast majority of cases worldwide, attacks do not take place near shark dive locations.

Cage diving with great white sharks is a large contributor to tourism in Baja, Mexico where the animal is now designated a ‘protected species’ – a status already enjoyed by whales and seals – meaning it may in no way be impaired or injured.

Most of America’s Shark Boats shark cage diving trips are used for carrying out tourism dives research on shark behaviour and sizing the animals with a new UC Shark Lab program in 2018.

Global Shark Facts and Great White Sharks

  • There are over 440 species of shark.
  • 100 million are caught each year, while on average fewer than six human beings are killed worldwide by sharks.
  • The great white can grow to 6.5 metres, weigh more than 2,000kg and swim at up to 70km/h.
  • The great white, bull and tiger sharks are responsible for most attacks.
  • There were 98 shark attacks across the globe in 2015, and 72 in 2014.
  • The great white shark is protected in South Africa, Australia and California.
  • The largest number of shark attacks occur in the USA – with half of these off the east coast of Florida.

Guadalupe Island White Shark Research Expeditions 

We’re excited to announce several shark diving research cage diving expeditions in 2018. Shark research is ongoing at Guadalupe Island, and this year we’ll be hosting Shark Weeks Dr. Craig O’Connell. You know him from Jungle Sharks, Sharks Among Us, Shark Island, Ninja Sharks and Great White Invasion to name a few fintastic shark programs. Dr O’Connell will be with us to share his knowledge of white sharks and shark research on our November cage diving expeditions.

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