Shark Diving in California Dive With Mako, Blue & White Sharks

Shark Diving in California Dive With Mako, Blue & White Sharks

Shark diving in California is a top shark destination for both cage divers and shark fans from around the globe. Our incredible Pacific coast is a Shark Marine Serengeti, enjoying one of the highest concentrations of sharks in the world, making it the top shark diving destination for shark divers both young and old. California has a year round shark population so you can shark dive here during the summer, fall, and winter months. America’s Shark Boat offers dive sites with the premier shark species such as blue, mako, great white shark and leopard shark.

California Shark Diving Safety and Adventures

We specialize in enabling shark divers and non divers of all backgrounds and experience to get face-to-face with the wild world of sharks. Whether you’re a professional photographer, film crew, or a novice solo shark diver looking to see a shark for the first time, we have the experience, the seasoned shark crews, and the dive boat to make your shark diving dream a reality!

Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving from San Diego, California

America’s Shark Boat pioneered cage diving with great white sharks in San Diego and, 18 years later, you still don’t need to be scuba certified to cage dive with us, anybody can participate – we call it Shark Diving for Everyone. Our Guadalupe Island great white shark cage diving expeditions cater to both professional divers and complete novices. No matter what your experience level or background we will make sure your adventure diving with sharks is successful.

Mako, Blue Shark Diving San Diego

San Diego shark diving expeditions are for shark divers who want to spend the day encountering our blue and mako sharks off the California coast. Non divers can watch sharks from the safety of the dive boat which is an exciting option to see shark action in California. These single day trips can be combined with our great white shark expeditions to maximise your shark time in California.

America’s Shark Boat ensures your valuable shark time on the water with incredible blue, mako and great white sharks of California is successful and well spent. Check our new shark diving website for additional information on our current shark expeditions and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information to book a trip. Let’s dive!