Shark Cages at Guadalupe Island, Good? or Bad?

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Great White Shark Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island

America’s Shark Boat believes in the use of shark cages when diving with big sharks. We pioneered the deployment and use of protective shark cages at Guadalupe Island in 2000 and still use them to this day on all our great white shark adventures. Shark cages help to protect both divers and sharks from harm and despite what some believe, sharks aren’t killing machines made out by the media. They don’t patrol the ocean like “Jaws” just waiting for a chance to eat a surfer or swimmer. But, sharks can and do, very rarely and very accidentally, mistake a human for an elephant seal or big fish. We don’t believe in taking unnecessary chances with our customers’ lives.

Shark Cage Design at Guadalupe Island

Shark cages at Guadalupe Island also serve another great purpose. They help to make it possible for non-divers to experience the underwater world of sharks. By using cages and hookah systems, which supply air from our vessel, both divers and non-divers can experience a safe and exciting shark encounter.

White Sharks are the largest predatory sharks and are known for their ability to breach when hunting, especially off the coast of South Africa. They like colder water and don’t usually venture into tropical areas. Growing to around 23 feet long on average, this shark is more commonly known as the great white shark and Guadalupe Island is one of the planet’s last great refuges for this magnificent predator.

White Sharks Spotted at Guadalupe Island 

Sub adult and adult white sharks typically 9-20 feet long and up to 3000lbs!

Guadalupe Island White Shark Viewing Season

Prime shark-viewing season at Guadalupe Island is from late early August through late November.

Shark Cage Diving Cost at Guadalupe Island

The MV Horizon is the least expensive all inclusive shark diving liveaboard in the USA. Our price includes unlimited cage diving, onboard accommodations, meals and all beverages.

Shark Diving Requirements at Guadalupe Island

No dive certification is required. Non divers can utilize floating shark cages with trained cage staff to guide them. Participants should be in reasonably good health and comfortable in and on the water. Select trips are open to divers 10 years and older. Other trips are adult-only.

Shark Diving Trip Notes

All participants are required to purchase dive insurance and sign a release of liability. A passport is required for this trip. Guadalupe Island currently boasts the highest shark sighting success rate of any of the offered dive locations in the world and we offer a 100% shark diving guarantee if you don’t see a shark you get a free trip to come again – on us!

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