Learn To Dive With Great White Sharks | Guadalupe Mexico

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Liveaboard Price Guarantee For Divers and Non-Divers

We try hard to keep our charter prices as low as possible while also offering the best cage diving services for a US flagged liveaboard dive boat at Guadalupe Island. If you see a competitor great white shark adventure with a comparable vessel and dive charter timeframe with a lower price, take advantage of our Low Shark Diving Price Guarantee. Just reach out to us with the competitors offer and save some cash. Save money and join us cage diving this year with great white sharks!.

Non-Diver Shark Cage Diving in Mexico?

Non-divers do not need to be superhuman to cage dive with the oceans top predator. With a professional shark diving crew you can get the same adrenaline thrill from white sharks that certified divers do. Since 2000, swimming with sharks has become high on travelers’ around the globe and America’s Shark Boat specializes in taking non-certified divers into the world of the great white shark. Certified divers have long had their shark moments thanks to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors — in conjunction with the Project AWARE Foundation, PADI offers divers several specialty courses to get up close and personal with sharks. Non-divers have been waiting for theirs…until now with Shark Diving For Everyone.

Non-Divers Cage Diving Cost at Guadalupe Island?

We NEVER charge more for non-divers to cage dive with great white sharks, ever! Non-divers are most concerned about learning to cage dive. To assist our non-divers we have professional cage diving staff available to you who specialize in training non-divers to cage dive (take about 20 minutes). We’ll also join you in the shark cage if you would like on your first rotation. Non-divers are more than welcome on America’s Shark Boat and we’ll turn you into a professional shark diver in no time flat!

Mexico’s Guadalupe Island Information

Covered in sparse vegetation with curtains of mysterious fog that roll off it’s high peaks, this cragged, volcanic outcropping some 160 miles off the west coast of Baja is the perfect backdrop to great white shark cage encounters. Since 2000 when we first discovered Guadalupe, we soon realized up to 260 different great white sharks patrols these pristine waters from August to late fall. There are two shark seasons at Guadalupe Island and both are exciting. Early on from June through October expect to see male white sharks battle over site supremacy, clashes between these sharks often results is big open bites wounds that soon heal up.

Later in the shark season the REALLY BIG females arrive looking for eligible males. In 2015 we first spotted and named, Deep Blue, perhaps the largest great white shark in the Pacific at 20 feet long and a whopping 4000lbs. The later season big shark run is from October through November.

 You can buy with confidence on America’s Shark Boat the MV Horizon. Since 1982 we have made a name for ourselves offering world-class great white shark adventures and scuba charters at great pricing. Let’s go shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island!