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Guadalupe Island shark cage diving

America’s Shark Boat | We Know Great White Sharks

Let us introduce you to some of the most amazing white sharks on the west coast at Guadalupe Island. Our shark dive vessel, captains and support staff, have been carefully selected to insure you have the best white shark dive experience possible.

In 2000 we were the first (and only) vessel to discover white sharks at Guadalupe Island and will be celebrating our 18th year this year! All of our great white shark expeditions are exciting and educational. You’ll learn about the white sharks you cage dive with, the threats they face, and what you can do to support conservation. Join us and to become a citizen scientist helping to collect observational data that can be shared with shark researchers at MCSI.

Guadalupe Island Shark Cages? Are They Necessary?

America’s Shark Boat pioneered cage diving for everyone. You don’t have to be diver certified to meet white sharks with us. We believe in the use of shark cages when diving with big sharks and use specially designed and certified shark cages on all our great white shark adventures. Shark cages help to protect both divers and sharks from harm. White shark cages also serve another great purpose. They help to make it possible for non-divers to experience the underwater world of sharks. By using cages and hookah systems, which supply air from the boat or dock, both divers and non-divers can experience a shark encounter.

Great White Shark Facts at Guadalupe Island

White sharks are the largest predatory sharks and are known for their ability to breach when hunting, especially off the coast of Mexico at Guadalupe Island. Great whites prefer colder water but will venture into tropical areas. Growing to around 21 feet long on average, white sharks are more commonly found at Guadalupe Island from June through November which is when we take divers from around the world to meet them in person.

Let’s go shark cage diving!