Shark Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island

guadalupe island great white shark cage diving

Guadalupe Island is the best place in the world to cage dive with and experience great white sharks.  The water is very clear and the sharks are there.  You will see Great White sharks, we guarantee it,  all while being educated and pampered by your staff aboard MV Horizon.

Guadalupe White Shark Cage Diving

Your Guadalupe Island shark expedition is unique as Horizon Charters is the only Guadalupe Island shark diving company departing from the United States. Your safety is number one! No tedious bus ride to Ensenada with us. Board the MV Horizon in San Diego and at trips end step off the boat in San Diego.

Plus, we cater to a small audience per expedition, usually 16 shark diving passengers on each voyage. Smaller groups equal more space to spread out, better service and more cage time. Sharks are the focus of your journey, but we work hard to ensure that you enjoy every facet of your shark diving vacation from sumptuous home cooked meals to having the staff aboard Horizon help you into your wetsuit…we are there for you every step of the way.

Will I See White Sharks at Guadalupe Island?

Drawing from a database of over 208 cataloged Guadalupe Island great white sharks, you will come home after your vacation not only with memories that will last a lifetime, but with names of sharks attached to those memories. Yes, believe or not, most of Guadalupe Islands resident great white sharks have names and yes, you WILL see sharks guaranteed!

We pioneered “Safe and Sane Shark Diving” at Guadalupe Island in 2001 as the first boat to offer Great White Shark diving experience there and have been there ever year since then.  Today we continue to practice what we preach, keeping you safe in our cages is our number one priority. Keeping you safe keeps the great white sharks safe as well. But as you will see during your great white shark diving expedition, Guadalupe Island’s resident sharks are not the mindless man-eaters that they’ve been made out to be for so many years.

Help dispel the myth, and enjoy a luxury liveaboard great white shark diving expedition to Guadalupe Island today!

Day to Day Guadalupe Island Cage diving Itinerary:

Boarding Night: San Diego, California

Welcome aboard, your Guadalupe Island shark diving adventure starts here! The crew will show you to your accommodations and get you settled in to your home away from home. Ships orientation and departure. Guadalupe Island, here we come!

Day 1: San Diego and Travel

We depart for Guadalupe Island. Today is a day of travel and relaxation.

Days 2 – 4: Isla Guadalupe

Welcome to the “Island of the Great White Sharks”, Guadalupe Island!

The cages are deployed by 7:00am each morning with shark viewing to follow for the entire day. You may take a break at lunch, depending on the mornings viewing activity and will stop sharking between 5:00 and 6:00pm each day.

With a small group of shark divers aboard, 1/2 of the divers are in and 1/2 half of the divers are out of the water on 1 hour rotations that will last until late afternoon.

On day 4 we depart shortly after lunch for Ensenada, Mexico. Adios Isla Guadalupe!

Day 5

You arrive in Ensenada, Mexico at 8:00am to officially depart Mexico and then we head north to San Diego, California for a 3:30 to 5:00pm arrival in port. We will arrange your shuttle to the airport or your local accommodations.

Are you ready to cage dive with great white sharks? Book Today!