Shark Cage Diving From California to Guadalupe Island

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Guadalupe Shark Cage Diving For Less

The world’s best white shark cage diving is located in the Pacific Ocean approximately 210 miles west of San Diego, Ca, and since it’s discovery in 2000 by America’s Shark Boat. Guadalupe Island has become the world’s go-to location for diving with great white sharks.

Guadalupe Shark Diving For Everyone Information

Visibility  at Guadalupe Island often surpasses 100’ and the water temperature averages between 65F-70F. Cage diving with white sharks in Guadalupe is an exiting adventure for both certified and non-certified divers since you won’t be using scuba tanks, instead, you will be breathing from surfaced supplied air.

Our exciting (and thrilling) shark filled 5 day expeditions are perfect adventure getaways, feel the adrenaline and discover why Guadalupe island is one of the best dive spots in the world.

Having only 16 passengers (lowest count in the fleet = more cage time) on board and two huge cages enables us to rotate guests in and out every hour all day long making sure all of our guest enjoy the best experience for white shark diving in Guadalupe while keeping it safe for both the great white sharks and our divers.

Shark Week Cage Diving at Guadalupe

For just $500 down you could be on your way to cage diving with great white sharksthis year. We know you have a choice of liveaboard shark diving vessels for Guadalupe Island this year. Since 2000 we have watched the liveaboard shark fleet grow, and grow, and grow. Safety and shark diving value is a primary concern for us and we have the best safety record in the shark diving fleet.

Not only is our U.S. crew the most experienced dive operator at Guadalupe Island (18 years and counting), but they are all federally licensed and participate in the U.S. Coast Guard’s random drug testing program. Over the many years we have been cage diving at Guadalupe island we have remained the value shark boat. Offering shark cage diving for less, and the place shark divers call home with a return rate that is the envy of the fleet. We love our shark divers and they love us. Make this the year you do something incredible on your next shark vacation. The year you get to experience cage diving with great white sharks at the most amazing shark location in the world.

We’ll price price match and beat ANY comparable vessel offer you see online. You don’t need ‘mints on your pillow’ to cage dive with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island. You just need great food and accommodations, a seasoned shark diving staff, lots of great white sharks, savings over everyone else, and the vessel that started it all – America’s Shark Boat.

We’ll be waiting for you. Let’s go shark diving!