Shark Cage Diving For Everyone? Yes! | Guadalupe Island

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Guadalupe Island, Mexico | Shark Cage Diving For Everyone

America’s Shark Boat allows anyone to cage dive with great whites in crystal-clear water the color of peppermint mouthwash — allowing you to see the sharks approaching from very far away — there’s no place like Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. With sparse vegetation and curtains of fog that roll off it, this cragged, volcanic outcropping some 160 miles off the west coast of Baja is the perfect backdrop to great white encounters.

Great White Shark Heaven at Guadalupe Island

The MV Horizon pioneered cage diving at Guadalupe Island in 2000 when a host of great whites patrolled the waters on our first visit 18 seasons ago. With America’s Shark Boat you’ll board our vessel in San Diego where our cage diving liveaboard take shark divers on the 18-hour crossing to Guadalupe Island. Then it’s showtime. Cages are lowered off the boat’s stern and shark seekers scuttle across the bars to drop in, breathing air through a hookah attached to the surface and watching a scene straight from a documentary unfold as the sharks lunge at bait teased just out of reach by shark wranglers.

Shark Divers From Around The Globe at Guadalupe Island

For the past 18 years the chance to encounter great white sharks in a cage gives divers a different perspective on the world of the great white shark we call it the shark’s-eye view. Join us as a non certified diver this year and let us introduce you to the wild world of the oceans top predator. Let’s go shark diving!

  • When to Go: August through November is peak season for seeing great whites off Guadalupe Island.
  • Operators: The MV Horizon has two surface cages with room for five divers each.
  • Price Tag: Total price including taxes, all food and alcoholic/nonalcoholic beverages, and round-trip transfers from San Diego to Ensenada is $2999 and is the lowest price in the industry!

Isla Guadalupe – Great White Shark Heaven is a group tour for Isla Guadalupe in Mexico. It is ideal for