Shark Cage Diving California San, Diego | Great White Sharks

Guadalupe island white shark cage diving

Shark Cage Diving California San, Diego | Great White Sharks

When you mention diving in shark cage diving in Mexico, the first thing that comes to many diver’s mind is the Yucatán Peninsula (Spanish: Península de Yucatán). Along with the nearby island of Cozumel, this is one of the most popular diving destinations in the world. Dubbed the Mayan Riviera, you will find diving on the Mesoamerican reef and even an underwater art museum.

However, on the other side of Mexico along the Pacific Ocean, you will also find outstanding shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island. The cruise industry has dubbed the Pacific Coast of Mexico as the Mexican Riviera. Shark diving vessels like the MV Horizon depart American ports bring tourist down the coast of Baja California and on to the Island of the Great White Sharks, aka Guadalupe island.

Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving

Guadalupe Island is a volcanic island and popular liveaboard destination reached from Ensenada with some operators meeting their guest in San Diego. The island is 241 kilometers (150 mi) off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula and some 400 kilometers (250 mi) southwest of the city of Ensenada. Great White cage diving is the reason divers make the long trip here. The shark cage diving may be the best in the world. The Great Whites, Guadalupe fur seals, tuna, and sea lions are most frequently sighted from August to October. The ocean is calmest at this time however, divers can expect colder sea temperatures of 66 to 72°F (19°C to 22°C).

Shark tour operators like America’s Shark Boat offer weeklong live-aboard cruises and park on the edge of the volcanic island; they drop several steel cages filled with the curious and the daring who hope to have a close encounter with one of natures oldest and most primal predators – the great white shark.

About America’s Shark Boat at Guadalupe Island

Southern California and San Diego has been described as the birthplace of the diving industry. Since 1971 we have been at the forefront of this industry leading extraordinary scuba expeditions and liveaboard dive charters to the Channel Islands, Baja, Guadalupe Island and beyond. Founded by the husband and wife team of Lou and Sandy Grivetto, the Horizon Charters of today only slightly resembles the original version.

Our commitment to diver safety and environmental protection are hallmarks of the company today. Exploration and adventure lead us in 2000 to be the first commercial liveaboard company to introduce liveaboard shark cage diving at Isla Guadalupe in Mexico, an event that fundamentally changed the way the world views, interacts, and cage dives with great white sharks.

Join America’s Shark Boat for your next liveaboard scuba expedition in Southern California and beyond. Our vessel history and company DNA sets us apart from any other vessel in the region. We’re the liveaboard vessel you call home, and the dive crews you’ll soon call friends.

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