Shark Cage Diving Adventure Tour Operator | Guadalupe Island

guadalupe island shark cage diving for less

Shark Cage Diving Adventure Tour Operator | Guadalupe Island

Shark cage diving. Go on a shark cage diving expedition at Guadalupe Island with people who share your love for great white sharks today. America’s Shark boat is on its 19th shark cage diving season, experienced crews, best cage diving pricing, shark diving for everyone, departures for San Diego (no busses into Mexico) the perfect choice for you!

Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving 2019

America’s Shark Boat is the top shark cage diving company operating at our home port in San Diego, California and, in operation since 2000, we have become the go to experts for film and tv productions, research, and cage divers the world over. Guadalupe Island great white sharks are plentiful and we guarantee sightings.

Our Guadalupe Island shark crews are the most experienced field staff in the USA.

  • In peak season Aug – Nov, you can experience guaranteed great white shark cage diving and breaching.
  • Your shark cage diving trip is managed in an ethical, socially responsible manner.
  • We only take small groups of 16 on our shark boat. More cage time = more sharks.
  • We cater to 5+ day great white shark/cage diving trips &  film shoots.

Join America’s Shark Boat our one of our Guadalupe Island white shark cage diving trips and let us share our passion and knowledge with you this year!