San Diego Shark Diving on America’s Shark Boat

guadalupe island great white shark cage diving

San Diego Shark Diving on America’s Shark Boat

Visiting San Diego this fall? Join America’s Shark Boat and go face to face with great white sharks on your own cage diving adventure to Guadalupe Island. America’s Shark Boat offers lowest priced all inclusive cage diving expeditions from San Diego, California with no busses into Mexico – ever.

California Shark Diving

America’s Shark Boat has been cage diving with great white sharks since 2000. We offer 5 day all-inclusive expeditions to Guadalupe Island, Mexico the BEST location to cage diving great white sharks. You’ll travel to the diamond clear waters of Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, aboard our seasoned liveaboard designed for shark diving.

The reason shark divers from around the world come to Guadalupe Island is for the most prolific population of white sharks on the planet. Guadalupe also offers warm (65-75 degrees) and sky-blue waters with an incredible visibility, and a white shark diving experience that is legend.

Guadalupe Island is located 150 miles off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula—about 250 miles southwest of Ensenada. Shark divers who come to this island in search of great white sharks find themselves choosing from a number of shark diving companies. Most provide small group jaunts with submersible shark cages in various sizes, and vessel pricing to match. America’s Shark Boat pioneered shark cage diving at Guadalupe and is still the best priced shark experience in the entire fleet. Book today!

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