San Diego Scuba Diving: Something New and Exciting is on The Horizon

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San Diego Scuba Diving: Something New and Exciting is on The Horizon

California divers have known the MV Horizon and her crew since the early 1980’s. We showed you our kelp forests, we introduced you to our black sea bass, we mapped out every square inch of the Southern California scuba scene so you could be assured of the BEST scuba diving off the California coast at the best price.

Well, now there something new on the Horizon…and we cannot wait to unveil her to you. As we go into 2021 – 2025 these next few years will be your chance to revisit ort visit for the first time the Southern California coast like never before. Let’s go diving. Stay tuned,

Dive Charters in Southern California

Introduce your next group dive charter to bright individual Garibaldi and scattered schools of Blacksmith, Perch and Bass that swim busily over the California reefs while a few nocturnal Lobster and Horn Sharks seek shelter for the day in the form of holes and ledges.

Scuba groups from around the globe marvel at the open sandy areas within the kelp beds, accompanied by clearings in the canopy above. For divers they sometimes seem like huge well-lit rooms in an immense shadowy building that attract large swirling schools of Jack Mackerel, sunbathing sea lions and the occasional Pacific Barracuda.

Sound good? California offers the finest diving in the world! California kelp beds, vibrant with life, offer a multitude liveaboard diving opportunities for novice to seasoned scuba divers and we are excited to introduce you to the next step in Horizon Charters Evolution.