Post COVID19 Shark Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island 2021

cage diving with great white sharks

Post COVID19 Shark Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island 2021

At this point in the world’s collective coronavirus experience, it seems clear that it’ll take until the end of 2020 for shark cage diving to return “to normal”. For Guadalupe shark divers, planning their bucket list cage diving adventures without concern as we did prior to early 2020 has been a challenge this year, BUT there’s a light at the MV Horizon (pun intended), and we’re looking forward to 2021!

Let’s Shark Dive in 2021

Mounting evidence shows that scuba divers and shark divers are ready to get out there once it’s safe to do so in 2021 when a vaccine is available. A recent report by Skift Research, found that “one-third of Americans in our survey indicated they would start to travel within weeks after a vaccine is available.” Most dive experts agreed that close-to-home dive adventures, like cage diving at Guadalupe Island from San Diego, Ca, road trips, domestic air travel, eventually followed by international travel to other destinations will be the trend for 2021′

Spike in Bucket List Shark Adventures 

What most of us have been missing during this time of COVID lockdowns and uncertainty aren’t material things. We’re missing experiences. Bucket list travel is high on the agenda, with 80 percent of Americans likely to travel to their dream destination once restrictions are lifted, and we’re already seeing that with our 2021 shark cage diving season 50% sold out!

The demand we’re seeing for Guadalupe Island 2021 indicates a desire for shark divers to experience remote places with natural surroundings, while also checking off bucket list shark diving experiences.

Now is also a good time to mark your calendars for those hard-to-get “Time of The Titans” shark dates in November when the biggest white sharks of the Pacific join us at Guadalupe island each season.

Join us in 2021 at Guadalupe Island – post COVID19 – when we can ALL get back to living our best life with the great white sharks you have been waiting to meet! Book today!