Planning For Guadalupe Island Cage Diving Adventures

Guadalupe island

Great White Shark Diving Guadalupe Island – California

America’s Shark Boat takes novice shark divers to experience Great White Shark Diving at Guadalupe Island in Mexico (departures from San Diego, California). This “trip of a lifetime” offers incredible 5-day all-inclusive trips to Guadalupe Island. Guadalupe Island is known as the mecca for Great White Sharks.

America’s Shark Boat first discovered Guadalupe Island in 2000 and has a 100% success record with diving with White Sharks and they guarantee one will see Great Whites or come out again for free. This is also completely safe with the company boasting a 100% diving safety record with zero cage breaches or any accidents between the shark cage and the Great White Shark. With an eye to conservation, the trip focuses on learning more about the Great White Sharks and the Isla Guadalupe.

  • Record: 100% Success Record
  • Guarantee: They Guarantee Great White Shark Sightings
  • Capacity: The Boat Can Accommodate Up To 16 Divers
  • Price: The Prices Are All-Inclusive
  • Double Occupancy: $3,895 – One Will Share A Cabin With Other Travelers Or A Companion
  • Included: Meals (Including Beer and Wine), All Gear, Air Conditioned Stateroom Accommodation
  • Not Included: Gratuity (Typically $300.00 to $500.00)

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