Planning a Family Shark Cage Diving Vacation at Guadalupe Island?

Planning a Family Shark Cage Diving Vacation at Guadalupe Island?

They say, “The family that travels together, stays together.” So, what are they saying about the family that hops aboard America’s Shark Boat to cage dive with 17 foot great white sharks?

Shark Diving Vacations at Guadalupe Island

As a couple, plan your shark diving vacations to remote places with lots of sharks, and be sure to plan a cage diving adventure for your kids with a kid centric program. This year America’s Shark Boat has teamed up with The goal of Sharks4Kids is to create a new generation of shark advocates through access to a dynamic range of educational materials and first hand explorations of the natural world with professional shark guides.

When Your Kids Shark Dive

Shark diving vacations are different with kids, and may include couples that have a diver and a non-diver.  When it comes to planning a family shark cage diving vacation, keep a few considerations in mind to make sure everyone enjoys the trip. Ages are important kids younger than 12 probably will not appreciate the full range of a professionally lead cage diving expeditions.

Kids Want To Have Fun Shark Cage Diving

When you’re planning a family dive vacation, it’s important to be flexible to account for different energy levels. Shark cage diving may lose its allure for your kids after a couple of days, or even a couple of dives. Add some variety to your schedule. Keep in mind that children tire more easily after diving, despite their normally boundless energy. They dehydrate more quickly as well. An opportunity to shower, eat, and nap can make an activity later in the afternoon or evening much more enjoyable than a 2 p.m. rush to the boat for the afternoon shark dives.

Kids Want To Learn

The key to a successful family dive vacation means understanding that children probably won’t have the same passion for diving that you have, but their passion for learning about sharks will be boundless!. They tend to jump often and easily from passion to passion, and that’s just fine. Children want a changing landscape to keep them stimulated and engaged which is why the Sharks4Kids at sea program is so awesome. Planning a family dive vacation needn’t be stressful as long as you remember that it’s a vacation for everyone – and trust us – the family that shark dives together grows up a better family!

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