Numbers of Great White Shark at Guadalupe Island? | Counting Sharks

How Many Great White Sharks Have Been Counted at Guadalupe Island?

Guadalupe Island, Mexico offers shark cage diving for shark divers and non shark divers in beautiful clear blue water with 100 – 150 foot visibility. We have identified close to 300 (!) unique great white sharks since 2000 when we first discovered great white sharks at Guadalupe where today we stage our cage diving operations each season.

Gill Rakers The Great White Shark Journey

Guadalupe Island female white shark Gill Rakers was SPOT tagged in December of 2012 by the team from MCSI. Since then she has made an amazing journey up along the coasts of California and Oregon, back offshore and then into the Sea of Cortez during the known pupping season where it is presumed she went to give birth.

Isla Guadalupe, Mexico The World’s Best Cage Diving

Over many years, the Isla Guadalupe, Mexico has become the go to destination amongst great white shark divers. It’s now acknowledged as one of the top spots in the world to climb into a cage and duck into the blue. It’s a shark cage diving paradise for novices and experts alike. The classic expedition lasts for 5 fin-tastic days, so it’s geared towards those with a real passion for white sharks.

Best Time to Cage Dive at Guadalupe Island

Trips run from August to mid-November. Join us this year!