Mexico Customs Agents Discover Seize TEN TONS of Shark Fins

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Mexico Customs Agents Discover Seize TEN TONS of Shark Fins

We’re pretty upset at the shark news this week. Mexico customs agents, acting on a tip, sized TEN TONS of shark fins in the port of Manzanillo about midway on the Pacific side of Mexico. It is unknown if the sharks were in transit from other Latin American countries or harvested in Mexican waters.

Mexico Shark Diving on The Rise

Mexico is one of planet’s most amazing destinations to dive with and photograph sharks. Since 2000 Guadalupe Island’s great white sharks have thrilled close to 500,000 cage divers and the Socorro’s scalloped hammerheads, oceanic whitetips, and Galápagos sharks are becoming a top draw.

Mexican Shark Fin Final Destination

The Mexican customs department said the ten top shipment of dried and processed shark fins were packed into more than 500 crates, the shark fins were bound for the Philippines and have been valued at almost 4 million pesos, or $210,000. Used in shark fin soup, a popular Chinese dish, the fins can fetch up to $500 per pound. The export of shark fins is prohibited in Mexico, but in 2015 it was one of the top 10 countries in which sharks were captured for lucrative ends. Of the world’s 500 shark species, 104 are found in Mexican waters.

Shark Fin Trade Valuable To End User

The fins can fetch as much as US $1,100 per kilogram and are used in a popular Chinese dish called shark fin soup, a symbol of status. The fin was thought to have medicinal properties. Making this haul worth million on the open market. To combat the sale of shark fin, be aware, speak out, get involved in local efforts to ban shark fin and imports, support local shark based NGO’s.