Meet Shark Weeks Dr.Craig O’Connell at Guadalupe Island 2018

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Shark divers from around the world know THE place to cage diving with great white sharks is Guadalupe Island and this season America’s Shark Boat is hosting Shark Weeks Dr. Craig O’Connell on two special shark expeditions. Join on these special shark expeditions to Guadalupe Island:

October 15-20th 2018

October 20-25th 2018

Scientist and Shark Week host Dr. Craig O’Connell was once afraid of sharks. But after facing his fears, he was inspired to learn more and educate the world about the true nature of this misunderstood animal.

“When I was younger, I thought diving with sharks would be a death sentence,” Craig said. “But after my first snorkeling experience, my world was flipped upside down.” Craig earned his PADI Open Water Diver® certification at the age of 14 in Dutch Springs, USA and his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2013. That same year, Craig and his wife, Dr. Nicole O’Connell, established the non-profit O’Seas Conservation Foundation (OCF).

Conservation Foundation for Sharks

O’Seas Conservation Foundation implements shark conservation strategies to preserve the delicate balance of the world’s oceans while integrating hands-on, field-based activities to inspire environmentally-conscious youth. Based in New York, OCF conducts field studies worldwide, but maintains a special focus on the shark, skate and ray fauna in their local waters. OCF is a two-time recipient of the PADI Grant for conservation work in Bimini and also their New York white shark nursery research. Craig described how OCF’s missions align with PADI’s Marine Animal Protection Pillar:

“Not only do we bring awareness by involving youth and the local community in all of our field research efforts, but we use our scientific findings to either a) implement new conservation engineering technologies or b) aid in the development of management regulations that will maximize species survival,” Craig said.

Your Opportunity to Meet Dr.Craig O’Connell

America’s Shark Boat offers shark cage diving for everyone. Years ago, when we were the only US flagged white shark diving vessel at Guadalupe Island, we created a great white shark liveaboard experience that anyone could enjoy. You don’t have to be diver certified to cage dive with us. We designed the first ever shark cages that anyone could dive in, shark diving made easy!

This fall with the BIG female white sharks arrive in October you’ll be cage diving with Shark Weeks Dr. Craig O’Connell!