Women Traveling Together | Shark Cage Diving Guadalupe Island

Solo women shark divers want very different things than what couples typically look for. On America’s Shark Boat we pioneered a shark cage diving experience catering to the needs of women traveling solo. It’s the secret to our success as the longest serving shark diving boat on the West Coast and why so many women travel with us year after year. Let’s dive!

Solo Shark Diving for Women

Our approach to liveaboard dive travel isn’t anything like how other dive companies operate. While other dive companies expect you to come with a travel companion, and make few–if any–concessions for the solo traveler, we provide your traveling companions with women lead expert shark diving diving expeditions. But that’s just the beginning. We believe your cage diving experience begins the moment you arrive at our website and continues with each successive step you take and best of all on America’s Shark Boat you do not need to be diver certified to cage dive with great white sharks!

Why Women Lead Shark Diving?

In recent years it has become more and more common for women to scuba dive without their husbands, boyfriends or significant others. However, this trend does not mean that women are all traveling solo, under the guidance shark professionals who are women you can discover of the immense joy of traveling with other women at sea.

This year, choose to cage dive with an organized group of women from diverse backgrounds and explore Isla Guadalupes rich biodiversity and resident great white sharks. Or, you may decide to cage dive with family members or perhaps women friends whom you have known for a long time. Our unique women expedition lead cage diving dates allow you to deepen relationships in the company of people with whom you already have a history. Whichever choice you make, an adventure with other women might be just the thing you need when you are not up for traveling solo.

Planning a Cage Diving Expedition

When planning your next white shark cage diving expedition, consider the team leading the shark diving expedition, what you would like to get out of the journey, and with whom you would like to travel. Be sure to make plans with someone who fits your travel style, or join a group that has similar travel and life philosophies. Liveaboard dive travel is not for everyone, but it is rewarding, empowering, and exciting!

In addition to the excitement of being at sea, you’ll soon benefit from developing budding friendships with other like minded shark women. The planning stage is as easy as one, two, three.

  1. Go to America’s Shark Boat Women Lead Cage Diving Expeditions page.
  2. Review our simply amazing trip leaders for 2018 at Shark Allies.
  3. Book your white shark cage diving expedition and we’ll do the rest!

Guadalupe Shark Cage Diving Price Guarantee 

America’s Shark Boat, the MV Horizon, knows that our customers value many things including a great liveaboard experience, friendly, professionally trained scuba staff, terrific service and great savings on dive charters. Our operation in San Diego thrives on being the most chartered liveaboard in Southern California offering our dive customers the best pricing not only in California, but in the world. We have been taking divers on scuba charters since 1982 and pioneered cage diving with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island in 2000.

Liveaboard Price Guarantee

We try hard to keep our charter prices as low as possible while also offering the best services for a US flagged liveaboard dive boat. If you see a competitor great white shark adventure with a comparable vessel and dive charter timeframe with a lower price, take advantage of our Low Price Guarantee. Just reach out to us with the competitors offer and save some cash. Save money and join us cage diving this year with great white sharks!.

2018 5 day ALL INCLUSIVE shark cage diving at Guadalupe just $2795.

 You can buy with confidence on America’s Shark Boat the MV Horizon. Since 1982 we have made a name for ourselves offering world class great white shark adventures and scuba charters at great pricing. We love our shark divers and they love us. Make this the year you do something incredible on your next vacation. The year you get to experience cage diving with great white sharks at the most amazing shark location in the world. We’ll be waiting for you. Let’s go shark diving!