Lowest Priced Shark Cage Diving Guadalupe Island

cage diving with great white sharks

Shark Cage Diving in California, Diving with Great White Sharks

Shark cage diving in California means the BEST value shark diving with  Great White Sharks out of San Diego, California. No bussing into Mexico, and no additional costs – ever! California departures aboard America’s Shark Boat have been happening for the past 20 years and are the best place on the planet to go see Great White Sharks at Guadalupe island for less.

About Shark Diving in California

How Much Does It Cost?

America’s Shark Boat offers THE LOWEST all inclusive pricing in the world. 5 days at sea with three full days of shark cage diving for just $3895. San Diego departures and returns are all 5 day liveaboard diving expeditions, in which you travel Guadalupe island about 260 miles south of San Diego. This gets you 3 full days of cage diving with white sharks before you head back.

Guadalupe Shark Diving Itinerary

Day 1 – Boat leaves San Diego at 10pm.

Day 2 – Boat arrives at Guadalupe, about 260 miles south of San Diego, about 7AM. First day of cage diving.

Day 3 – Cage diving with Great Whites.

Day 4 – Cage diving with Great Whites until about 5PM. Cages come up and you leave Guadalupe.

Day 5 – Arrive San Diego around 5pm.

What You’ll See at Guadalupe Island

You’ll see more great whites here than arguably anywhere on the planet typically we see anywhere from 5 to 15 sharks in a single day! The visibility at Guadalupe island is excellent – you can see 100 feet on a good day. You’ll see a range of sharks here, too, from juveniles, to some pushing 20 feet.

Join us today on the MV Horizon and cage dive with Great White Sharks for just $3895!