Learn to Be A Conservation Shark Diver at Guadalupe Island

Guadalupe Island shark cage diving

Learn to Be A Conservation Shark Diver at Guadalupe Island

Great white sharks are crucial to marine ecosystems in Mexico, yet sharks are in a global decline. Learn about the value of great white sharks at Guadalupe Island and what is causing the rapid loss of shark populations. Our onboard shark diving course and include cages dives and are presented as a non-diving education program.

Do I have to be scuba certified to cage dive?

No you don’t. At Guadalupe Island, Mexico white shark cage diving is done from a cage where you are given a surface supplied regulator and all your dive gear. You only descend about 10 feet, so you’re in an extremely controlled environment.

How safe is it to cage dive in Mexico?

Shark cage tour operators use chum as bait, placing bloody fish parts in the water to attract sharks. Others bait, or “wrangle” the sharks, by throwing tuna tied to a rope into the water and pulling it toward the cage. In some extreme cases this ends with the sharks inside the cages. Over the past 18 years at Guadalupe Island America’s Shark Boat has maintained a 100% safety record for divers and sharks!

Shark conservation in Mexico at Guadalupe Island

America’s Shark Boat provides a whole new cage diving experience that is unique in more ways than one. With a strong focus on shark conservation, we take you on an unforgettable shark cage diving experience to give you an up close and personal experience with these majestic ocean predators at Guadalupe Island.

  • We have been Guadalupe Island cage diving for 18 years with a 100% safety track record.
  • Diving with us supports great white shark research & conservation efforts at the island.
  • We are a licensed tour operator and NOT a booking agent.
  • We limit the number of people on our boat to 16 passengers in order for you to enjoy a premium experience.
  • Our staff and crew include some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Our cage diving tours are small and intimate, ensuring extended diving time and complete safety for all our guests. We have our own boat and a highly skilled crew, and since we are not a booking agency, you’ll always know what to expect and who you will be dealing with. We never take any shortcuts – not when it comes to your safety, nor the safety and protection of the sharks.

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