JAWS Style Sex in the Great Big Ocean, Love at First Bite?

JAWS SEX! A sexy great white shark bursts from the water to kiss another shark. The sensational moment was caught while Adam Mundunggus, 33, was trying to study the species, when the fish proved why it has the reputation of the ocean’s most revered lover. The 4.8m shark seductively danced underwater to capture the attention of his new lover 50 miles from Australia’s shore.

Shark Sex on Camera NSFW

The smaller, male shark was attempting to meet someone new near some shark bait, when the larger and older female swam by, the crew soon named her “Cougar” after the in your face nuptials that soon followed. The female didn’t hesitate at the younglings antics and was soon caught in “delicto flagrante” shark style!

The rare shot was captured on camera by photographer Jason Whitebread in the Neptune Islands in South Australia. Whitebread said: “Watching these two sharks engage in a fierce love kiss made our day, who’s to say when spring love will strike? How lovely is that!? These predator animals finding love in a great big ocean one another is a show to watch!”